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This Family Thought They Adopted a Rare Pet Dog, but It Turned Out to Be Something Else Entirely

Adopting a pet is one of the most beautiful acts of kindness people can do. Not only are you opening your home (and heart!) to an animal in need. But you’re also saving a life and not supporting the puppy mill supply chain. So, when Su Yun from China adopted a puppy, she was obviously very excited. But joy quickly turned to despair as the rare pet she had recently adopted turned out to be something completely unexpected.

A New Addition

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Su Yun was like any other mom out there. She was a hard worker whose sole mission was to make sure her two children had everything they could possibly need. And whatever time she had left, she spent it with her beloved husband. Su Yun, along with and her family, lived in the southwest province in Kungming City, China. They led pretty normal lives, but all that changed when she decided to get a weird-looking pet and ended up making headlines all over the world.

A Life-Changing Vacation

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As you can imagine, being married with children had made life a bit stressful. Su Yun was feeling the stress. She realized she needed to plan a vacation soon. So, she booked a spectacular getaway in Asia for her and her family. She was so stressed, she couldn’t wait until she was on her trip. When the day came, Su Yun excitedly packed her family’s bags, and made sure she had everything they would need for their Asian excursion. But she was about to learn that no matter how prepared you think you are; a lot of things can go wrong during a trip. And yet, no one in her family could have foreseen that a chance meeting with a seemingly harmless animal would have such serious repercussions.

The Puppy Encounter

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Su Yun and her family were so excited to finally be on vacation. One day, during a casual walk with the kids, Su Yun run into a group of puppies that were put up for adoption. And that’s when she realized she had an opportunity in front of her. Su Yun’s children had been begging for a dog for a while now. But although she had said no in the past, these puppies had stolen Su Yun’s heart. So, after years of debating it, she finally caved in and decided it was time to get a pet for the family. But soon, she discovered that she had taken on a much bigger responsibility than she had ever imagined.

They Were Warned

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Su Yun knew that puppies don’t stay tiny and cute forever. But the seller told her that the dog she was adopting was a Tibetan Mastiff, which was a particular large breed that can stand over two feet tall and weigh 180 pounds. The dog could grow to be really huge, but they decided to adopt him anyway! Su Yun talked it over with her family and came up with the name “Little Black” because the dog’s fur was partially black. The “Little” was an ironic take on the fact that the puppy would eventually grow up to be a giant. And while the name sounds a bit weird in English, it actually sounds really cute in Chinese. But they had no idea that Little Black was going to attract so much attention and even put the family at risk for legal ramifications.

The Dog Seemed Normal

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As they headed home, the family bonded with Little Black and soon enough, they all became best buddies with their little furry friend. Once they got back from their vacation, they had to figure out how to raise their pup. The beautiful weather of Kunming City allowed pet owners to let their animals live outside. Some families even allowed their dogs to roam freely in their backyard. But Su Yun and her family wanted to keep Little Black inside, so he could experience what it was like to be a part of the family. Little Black adapted to his new home really fast. Soon enough, the family realized that the pup liked to eat a lot. But as time went on, they began to realize that their dog was unlike any other dog.

Something Wasn’t Right

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The dog seller had warned the family that Little Black would grow up to be pretty big. That was no surprise given how much he kept eating. But Su Yun wasn’t used to having a dog in her life, and Little Black’s appetite was a lot to handle. She had to feed him a whole box of mixed fruits and two buckets full of noodles every day. Eating fruits and noodles was not a dog’s typical diet. In fact, some dogs would get sick eating all this. But Little Black seemed okay. Unfortunately, the amount of food he was consuming was getting out of hand. By the time he turned one, Su Yun had spent tons of money trying to satiate his hunger. But this was a minor problem compared to what she was about to face.