Police Officer’s Act of Kindness Changed a Man’s Life After 30 Years of Homelessness

A life of living on the streets is a harsh existence where kindness and compassion are often lacking and in short supply. The Bay Area of California has been hit hard by the homeless epidemic and is home to the third-largest homeless population in the United States. 

Often times, these people living on the streets are ignored by society and forced to beg for food or a little bit of money just to get by on. Mick Myers was one of those downtrodden individuals, but an encounter with a police officer would soon send him and the officer on a path that would change both of their lives for the better. 

30 years on the streets

Thirty years is a long time and for three decades, Mick Myers had been living on the streets. Without friends or family, Mick had nobody to turn to for help and he would hope to get by from panhandling and playing his guitar on the streets. He’d belt out “Sweet Home Alabama” and other songs, but he was usually ignored. “Most of the people just hurry by and don’t even give me a glance,” he told a local news station

Mick wasn’t always homeless, of course, but his life was tough from the very beginning.