She Never Expected The Surprise Inside A $3 Goodwill Bag And The Impact It Would Have

There’s no telling what you might find when visiting a thrift store. While most of the merchandise is simply other people’s used clothes, every now and then, a person stumbles upon something special. One thrift store shopper had no idea what she was in for when she bought a $3 bag. What would happen next was truly something remarkable.

Reselling used clothing is a BIG business

Thrift stores like Goodwill can be fantastic places for finding used clothing and home goods at rock bottom prices. There’s no telling what sort of designer items are hidden among the racks of clothes and just waiting to be picked up. According to Forbes, the resale business of clothing is a $24 billion industry and Sarah Thomas is one of those folks who are all about finding and reselling great thrift store finds.

Clothing donations are always coming in

One of the things that Sarah liked best about her local Goodwill store was that donations were almost constantly flowing in.  Goodwill receives 100 percent of its merchandise from donations and provides jobs for members of the community both in its stores and through smaller resale business offshoots. As Sarah was about to find out, sometimes what you find while thrift store shopping more than meets the eye.